Monday, 8 September 2008


We've all been really sick here for weeks, with the exception of Neil who has kept the medicine cabinet stocked with pain relief and done more than his fair share of everything!

Amelie has tonsillitis, but keeps forgetting what it is called. She tells people she has "junk-a-vitis" (I think she is getting confused with conjunctivitis). Her malapropism got me thinking.... I have junk-a-vitis! I keep catching junk, it is hard to get rid of and seems to keep coming back.

The first step in de-junking the place has been to get some housecleaning help. These wonderful people have only visited once so far but I feel much freer to concentrate on sorting the stuff in the place when I know they will be responsible for the cleaning/dusting/vacuuming/mopping. If these tasks were still part of what I *should* be doing I would do nothing at all since I wouldn't know where to start.

The second step is to get some decluttering help. I have a wonderful cousin who is good at eliminating clutter offer to help me, so we have set a date and will get stuck in.

The final thing on my mind is that I have been putting things aside for a garage sale. These things seem too good or valuable to donate to an op-shop, but I'm starting to wonder if the stress is worth it? How can I organise a garage sale? Life is already bursting at the seams and I really just want the space back to organise the things we are keeping (and so our baby boy has his own room before he starts school). But then some extra cash would be handy too..... I'll think about it some more.

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