Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Where's the matches?

Last night we had a blackout, right in the middle of me organising some stuff for today. One minute I was surrounded by stuff strewn about, next minute I was in pitch black darkness surrounded by stuff strewn about.

Luckily I had my mobile phone and a couple of glow in the dark wrist bands that Amelie got from school in Book Week to light my way. I fumbled through the house and found a candle - great work! I kept fumbling through the house looking for some matches to light the candle. No matches to be found, no way to light the candle. I did think about going out to the car to get the car cigarette lighter out of it's socket, however the car was locked behind the electrically powered automatic roller door. By this stage I really wanted a cuppa.... and baby Euan needed a drink too. I didn't get my cuppa before bed but Euan got his breastfeed(s). At times like this I am so grateful for my breasts, that provide nutritious, delicious, just-the-right-temperature milk for my babies, on tap anywhere, anytime, blackout or not!

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